Element1 Media is the leading vendor for innovative e-commerce solutions in the automotive industry. Our software E1M® commerce is the perfect tool for automakers, importers and dealers to implement successful online sales in the after sales market.


  • Developed for the special needs of the automotive industry
  • New opportunities for automakers online commercialization
  • Seamless integration of distribution network and resellers
  • Individual and flexible internationalization for car importers
  • Broad experience in embedding spare parts catalogs
Win-Win solution for car manufacturers, dealers and importers

Developed for your plans

Our e-commerce platform has been setting standards in the automotive industry: elaborate, cross-linked, ready for your strategy. We understand and bring together the needs of automakers, their resellers and end customers.

Presence on all channels

Perfect for car manufacturers: product offerings can be sold precisely targeted via all relevant channels. Car dealers and resellers can be integrated smoothly and even automated if desired. Internationalization becomes easy with a synchronized and adjusted range of spare parts for importers.

Perfect sales tool for car dealers

Both become very easy: adopting corporate design and product line-up of the car manufacturer on the one hand and keeping proven and tested processes in the background on the other hand. E1M commerce enables both with minimal efforts and low landed costs.

Experience in the automotive industry

We offer 10 years of experience and a deep understanding of data management and processes around spare part catalogs in the automotive industry. Due to that we stand for sustainable, long-term e-commerce solutions with well-known manufacturers.

E1M® commerce – The innovative shop solution

  1. Data structures and process form the shop base
  2. Flexible modules and enhancements enable us to adapt your distribution strategy
  3. Further instances are automatically being generated out of the parent shop, e.g. for car dealers, resellers or importers
  4. You can drive trouble-free and real multi-channel business without giving up your proven and tested processes
The result: efficient e-commerce for all stakeholders

Our experience with systems and processes

Integrate your e-commerce business smartly and resource-efficiently with existing systems and processes, instead of managing your data twice. We know exactly where to focus due to our extensive experience in integrating complex spare part catalog systems.

Push your online sales

With optional modules, like the mobile shopping app, sales activities can be extended self-dependent and flexible. This enables you to use your chances more comfortable and efficient.

Benefit for car dealers and resellers

Link your distribution network to your online sales and run a true multi-channel business that supports your successful processes. E1M offers unique opportunities for dealers, partners and of you. Present your portfolio of products and services beyond limitations of stationary trade and develop new target groups.

Intelligent solutions and services from one source

We offer exclusive full-service solutions, which are operated in a data center in Munich and guarantee almost 100% availability. You enjoy all benefit of buying directly from a software producer. Besides the rich shop functionality we offer selected services to increase your effectivity and in the end raise your sales success.

Tailored for the specific needs of the industry - our solutions are in action e.g. here:

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